Zeus statue Olympic God made of Alabaster

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Zeus statue

Greek statue of Olympic God Zeus standing and observing. Αn Olympian Greek statue for sale.

Comes in three different colors (White, Patina, Black) at two heights:

  • 16 cm (6.3 inches) – 200 g (0.44 lbs)
  • 23 cm (9.06 inches) – 470 g (1.04 lbs)

Zeus is the sky and thunder god in ancient Greek religion, who rules as king of the gods of Mount Olympus. His name is cognate with the first element of his Roman equivalent Jupiter. His mythologies and powers are similar, though not identical, to those of Indo-European deities such as Jupiter, Perkūnas, Perun, Indra and Thor. Read more…

Ready to ship in 1–5 business days From Greece.

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Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

16 cm, 23 cm


Black, Patina, White

27 reviews for Zeus statue Olympic God made of Alabaster

  1. Mason (US)

    Fantastic Quality 🏛🏺Hail Zeus🏺🏛
    Zeus statue 3-780-w from eStatueShop (customer's photo)
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  2. Aurelia Sicurani (France)

  3. ndiekmann (US)

    Due to postal issues there was some difficulty sending my order. The seller contacted me promptly to notify me of the situation and when the problem persisted she found alternate shipping and even included a beautiful gift.

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  4. Jason (US)

    Statue arrived in perfect condition.

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  5. James (UK)

    Was very well packaged and came as described!

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  6. Callum (UK)

  7. Kenneth (US)

    Amazing service and statues. 10/10 will buy from here again.
    Original post

  8. Savannah (US)

    Beautiful statue! Thank you very much ❤

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  9. Savana (US)

    kinda wished they were a bit bigger but thats okay my altar is small anyway
    Original post

  10. Twicelogy (US)

  11. Quinn (US)

    Love the Statue so much! It was a little smaller then I originally had thought but still really love it. The shipping was really great, and the quality of the statue is amazing it feels like how you’d think a sculpture of a Greek god should feel. The seller did an amazing job keeping me updated. 10/10 would recommend, and I plan on buying from this shop again in the future.
    Zeus statue 3-780-p from eStatueShop (customer's photo)
    Original post

  12. Vadzhij (US)

    The statue of Zeus looks even better in person! The seller always keeps me updated, answers promptly and is very helpful.
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  13. Elena Greenhow (UK)

  14. Maurizio (Italy)

    Bellissimo, in alabastro, dettagli molto curati. È perfetto per il lararium.
    Zeus statue 3-780-w from eStatueShop (customer's photo)
    Original post

  15. Anna (UK)

    Absolutely beautiful statue…..wonderful customer service, very quick delivery….highly recommend!!
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  16. Evelyn (US)

    This statue is even better than I imagined! It came carefully packaged and they even added a small extra angel statue which was a nice touch. The metal staff is very sturdy and the details on the statue are clean and even. (I ordered the Zeus statue, the Athena statue came from a prior trip to Greece) I’ll definitely be adding to my pantheon and buying more from this store.
    Zeus statue 3-780-w from eStatueShop (customer's photo)
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  17. Philipp (Austria)

    Very good quality product. Arrived safely and well packed. Seller is very friendly and helpful.

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  18. Soriah (US)

    Super in love!!! I got Poseidon wi⚡🦅👑🌊🔱th him, what a treat😍
    Zeus and Poseidon 3-780-b 3-784-b from eStatueShop

    Original post

  19. Soriah (US)

    Deeply in love with my Zeus statue. I haven’t let him go since I got him😭

    Zeus statue 3-780-b from eStatueShop

    Original post

  20. Madison (US)

    They came faster than anticipated! Packed very carefully. They are absolutely beautiful and look perfect on my altar. Joanna even included a little complimentary Tyche! Will definitely buy from this shop again. Thank you!

    Zeus Apollo Hera Tyche God statues from eStatueShop

    Original post

  21. Lea (Germany)

    I am absolutely in love with my new statue
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  22. Christ (US)

    Wow, very noce product, exactly as it was presented sold.
    My daughtes loves it!
    Price and service of Etsy (reseller) in ne word..perfect!!

    Original post

  23. AS

    It’s very nice , exactly same with the picture

    Original post

  24. Angelo

  25. Lisa

    Thank so much all they are lovely

    Original post

  26. Helenka S.

    Perfect and extremely well packaged. Little bit delayed on arrival but not a big issue.

  27. Kajetan G.

    Well crafted. It came in slightly later than I would’ve liked, but it makes for an excellent gift for mythology enthusiasts everywhere.

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