Poseidon ready to throw his trident


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Poseidon ready

Greek statue of Poseidon ready to throw his trident.

Comes in White color at 44 cm (17.32 inches) height – 3200 g (7.05 lbs) weight.

Poseidon was one of the Twelve Olympianns in ancient Greek religion and mythology, god of the sea, storms, earthquakes and horses. In pre-Olympiann Bronze Age Greece, he was venerated as a chief deity at Pylos and Thebes. His Roman equivalent is Neptune. Poseidon was also protector of seafarers, and of many Hellenic cities and colonies. Read more…

Ready to ship in 1–5 business days From Greece.

Finally, see also other Classic statues at this category or Busts or Olympic Gods.


Weight 3200 g
Dimensions 45 × 11 × 44 cm



44 cm


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