Hermes statue Olympic God made of Alabaster

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Hermes statue

Greek statue of Hermes pointing to the sky. Αn Olympian Greek statue for sale.

In addition, comes in three different colors (White, Patina, Black) at two heights:

  • 18 cm (7.09 inches) – 200 g (0.44 lbs)
  • 27 cm (10.63 inches) – 395 g (0.87 lbs)

Hermes is a deity in Ancient Greek religion and mythology. Hermes is considered as the herald of the gods, as well as the protector of human heralds, travellers, thieves, merchants, and orators, respectively. He is able to move freely between the worlds of the mortal and the divine, playing the role of the psychopomp or “soul guide” — a conductor of souls into the afterlife. Read more…

Ready to ship in 1–5 business days From Greece.

Finally, see also other Olympic Gods at this category.

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

18 cm, 27 cm


Black, Patina, White

32 reviews for Hermes statue Olympic God made of Alabaster

  1. Josh (US)

    came so fast! so detailed it looks great on my bookshelf!

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  2. Selene (Germany)

  3. megan (US)

  4. dragonpaulv1 (US)

    Beautiful statue, worth every penny.
    Original post

  5. Oz (US)

    Had a small issue and they handled it so quickly and were so kind!!! these are stunning
    Hermes 3-783-p from eStatueShop (customer's photo)
    Original post

  6. Christopher (US)

    Gorgeous piece! Very solid. Exceeded my expectations!

    Original post

  7. dylanmudhoo (France)

    The statue arrived fast and was nicely packaged !
    Original post

  8. Emily (US)

  9. veerlemoonen (The Netherlands)

  10. Quinn (US)

    Absolutely loved it! It arrived pristine and perfect!!

    Original post

  11. Francesca (Italy)

    It’s perfect. I love it so much. The delivery was fast. And I had also two little angels as gift. They are so cute. 💙

    Original post

  12. Audrey (France)

    Magnifique statuette, très détaillée, elle est encore plus belle que ce que je pensais. La vendeuse à été charmante et m’a tenue au courant pour le suivi du colis, qui est arrivé rapidement et très bien emballé. Tout est parfait 🙂

    Original post

  13. Samantha Barnes (US)

    Beautiful. The caduceus charm is loose and so cute. Makes it feel like he’s right here with you. These statues are great in sunlight or shade. They will find a way to stand out.
    Hermes 3-783-w from eStatueShop

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  14. Max (Denmark)

    Very beautiful statue and well packaged!!

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  15. Bixx8 (Switzerland)

    Lovely statue, arrived in great condition

    Original post

  16. Angela (Portugal)

    Beautifully made and very well packaged. Ordered an Apollo statuette as well and received a little gift with it 🙂
    Hermes statue 3-783-w from eStatueShop
    Original post

  17. Lou (France)

    I ordered four statues and this is my favorite, it looks so dynamic and full of life even if it’s white, i love it so much

    Original post

  18. Tina (US)

    Showed up before the promised time! In good shape.’ And as pictured.💕
    Hermes statue 3-783-w from eStatueShop

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  19. 🇮​🇸​🇦​🇧​🇪​🇱​🇱​🇦​ (US)

  20. Phoebe (UK)

    arrived safe and looks amazing

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  21. irina (UK)

    this statuette is the staple piece of my room! not too big, the quality is great, and it arrived completely safe! shipping also very fast with no issue ❤️

    Original post

  22. Brenda (The Netherlands)

    I am loving the statues. They arrived very fast, which was a plus, even during these times. The quality of the statues is very good and the gold color looks very nice. I definitely recommend buying from this shop. 🙂
    Hermes and Apollo statues Greek Gods 3-787-p 3-783-p from eStatueShop

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  23. Andrew (US)

    Love the statue. Came quickly and well packaged.

    Original post

  24. Emma (US)

    Amazing! Looks great in my room.

    Original post

  25. anna (US)

    From coming across the world, it was in PERFECT condition. It is beautiful and i really love it 💗

    Original post

  26. Youssry (Greece)

    Thank You so Much the quality is very good . 🙂

    Original post

  27. Anne (US)

    Quality, beautiful piece. Inspiring.

    Original post

  28. tortugasp (Italy)

  29. bertiegoult

    Absolutely gorgeous item and I’m so happy! Arrived super quick especially having just left the EU! Thank you so much

    3-783-w from eStatueShop

    Original post

  30. Elena

  31. y6a05jpa

  32. Gideon

    I love the statue so much and I was so surprised that you gave me a gift statue for free! *hugs*

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