Set statues of Caryatid and Pandora made of Alabaster


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Caryatid and Pandora statues set

Caryatid and Pandora statues set for sale made of Alabaster in pure White color. Buy both of them in a better price than individually.

A caryatid is a sculpted female figure serving as an architectural support taking the place of a column or a pillar supporting an entablature on her head. The Greek term karyatides literally means “maidens of Karyai”, an ancient town of Peloponnese. Read more…

In Greek mythology, Pandora was the first human woman created by Hephaestus on the instructions of Zeus. As Hesiod related it, each god co-operated by giving her unique gifts. Her other name – inscribed against her figure on a white-ground kylix in the British Museum—is Anesidora, “she who sends up gifts” (up implying “from below” within the earth). Read more…

Ready to ship in 1–5 business days From Greece.

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Weight 295 g



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