Candle case in Ionic order full height column

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Candle case in Ionic order full height column

A candle case statue of a full height column at Ionic order.

Comes in two colors (Patina, White) at 13 cm (5.12 inches) height – 400 g (0.88 lbs) weight.

The Ionic order is one of the three canonic orders of classical architecture, the other two being the Doric and the Corinthian. There are two lesser orders: the Tuscan (a plainer Doric), and the rich variant of Corinthian called the composite order, both added by 16th-century Italian architectural writers, based on Roman practice. Of the three canonic orders, the Ionic order has the narrowest columns. Read more…

*The candle is included.

Ready to ship in 1–5 business days From Greece.

Finally, see also other Classic statues at this category.

Weight 400 g
Dimensions 6.5 × 6.5 × 13 cm

13 cm


Patina, White

2 reviews for Candle case in Ionic order full height column

  1. Jennaloscalzo (US)

  2. Αθανασία

    Wonderful column reminds of the Acropolis and Parhenon.

    3-579-w from eStatueShop

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