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New collection of eStatueShop, 2021

New Collection of eStatueShop
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Finally, our new statue collection of eStatueShop is ready and at a very good price. Their main feature is black with some extra touch of gold. The quality of the statues is a given, but this combination of colors throws the quality very high. It still gives more value to the statue than what you pay for. As you know, we are the manufacturers and we can keep prices lower.

Thanks to the design, the implementation and painting departments, we managed to make this very beautiful collection Real. Take a look at the following picture and you will realize why we say such things.

The New collection can be found here as category at our shop main page. The Greek Gods also can be found as category but because the Black and Gold color is new, you have to choose this color at each God. Virgin Mary can be found here at two different heights. The Nativity of Jesus Christ can be found here and you have the option to select three or five pieces in two different colors (Patina and colored).

The following is a video showing our new collection!

2021 New collection of statues (Back in Black) at eStatueShop

Please remember, our statues are not toys, They are only for decorative in home or office purposes. The white ones can be put outdoor e.g. garden.

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